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Universal Verification Company is the most efficient, faithful, timely result oriented company and providing services for EMPLOYEE, PRE/POST PAID CARD, VENDOR, CUSTOMER, BUSINESS and all required verification and also keeps your data / information / records etc. confidential.

Why do employers have to check employee’s background? Are there any several reasons?
NO, there is only one reason.

Hiring help based on insufficient or wrong information can lead to Monetary loss and/or b. Loss of prestige and repute

What we provides:

  • Education Certificate Verification

  • Professional License/ Certificate Verification

  • Pre- Employment Verification

  • Criminal Record Verification

  • Personal or Professional Reference Check

  • Address Verification

  • Family Background

  • Neighbour verification

  • Character Certificate checking

  • Medical / Health chart checking

  • Additional services:
    - Court Record Retrieval
    - Database Search
    - Civil and Criminal Litigation Search
    - Pre / Post Employment Monitoring / Lifestyle Check

  • Services we provide with physical verification (do not on phone call)

  • We're a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated young professionals. We will do for you all that need to be done in order to be totally confident that you're hiring the person who is what (s) he claims to be.

  • We’re experts at verifying the credentials of the staff a company is about to hire.

  • That includes the educational and professional qualifications the applicants claim to possess as well as the employment history they’ve offered you. Mind you, we do the screening in a scrupulously legal, overt and ethical manner.

    Above board, in other words:

  • With the express knowledge and consent of the person under scrutiny.

  • Because you're confident that he will look after your interests to the utmost.

    The same logic applies here.

  • We know exactly what to watch out for.

  • How to find the missing parts of the puzzle.

  • Where to look. Whom to ask.

  • When it comes to area of verification, we are the company, with whom your organization can make GROWTH.

Keep Growing....