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HRM (Make Business Make Profit)

HRM (Human Resource Management) is the most attractive field which all kind small / medium / higher industries wants to implement or already implemented.

Do you want to see your self / company / family / employees on success path and higher growth?
  • Management does not functioning smoothly?
  • Employees are liabilities or assets?
  • Major numbers of employees includes senior management up to director level, have over work load and failed to manage?
  • Higher Costing / Time taking / No proven track records / Lacking power in business / Competition headache / Small margin / No SWOT analysis / Tension to fail / No growth?

  • We have the road map to success. Just follow this, we are with you…

    Universal provides

    • HR audit   • Gap Findings
    • Cause Route Analysis   • Company Fundamentals
    • SWOT Analysis   • Finding Reasons for slow / no growth
    • Task Assignment   • Research and Development
    • HR policy Manual Design   • Organization Structure Design
    • Roles and Responsibilities   • Documentation
    • Competency Mapping   • Assessment & Development
    • Design & Implementation   • Facilitate KRA/KPI Setting
    • Performance Management Systems   • Performance Assessments
    • Key Indicators   • Consultative Training
    • Manpower Rightsizing   • Compensation and Benefits
    • Career Transition   • Benchmarking Survey
    • Database Ready Reports   • Opinion Survey
    • Variable Pay-plan Designing   • Appreciation and punishment policy
    • Future Growth awareness   • Employee Satisfaction Study
    • Employee Engagement Study   • 360 degree survey
    • Exit Diagnostics   • Implement commitment base environment
    • Compensation Structuring/Re-structuring   • Job Evaluation Study Compliance Advisory service
    • Reviews   • Audits

    Completion of HRM, we deliver time saving and cost cutting environment to the client without deducting its employee strength and faith and lead you and your organization to the road of GROWTH.

    Keep Growing…..