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Corporate world provides too many opportunities to small companies, channels, dealers, distributors, network people, agents and employees to work and reach at their goal and growth after distributing the assignment and project to cut their cost and save the time.
Universal is the company who understand the need of corporate world and ready to provide services as per client’s need, budget and 24/7.

We focus on end-to-end payroll processing, tax administration and reporting service to relieve all our clients of routine administrative tasks. Outsourcing payroll processing service will effectively reduce the cost of operation by 40-50% simultaneously increasing the profitability manifold. In-house payroll is famously all risk and no reward. This is why outsourcing with Universal Consultants is so attractive. We take the risk, offer you the rewards of lower costs, greater efficiency and reliable protection against the penalties of increasingly complex legislation.
  • Payroll Processing Management is one of the services in which we provides

    • Payroll Processing
    • Salary structuring for tax purposes
    • Documentation - Documenting companies' monthly payroll process procedures.
    • This process documents the procedures for your monthly payroll processes after Universal Consultants completes the first stage. The document will round up the following procedures and responsibilities
    • Manage payroll policies
    • Stipulated monthly cut-off date
    • Define how transactions will be forwarded to Universal Consultants for payroll processing
    • For payroll processing
    • Generation of reports for distribution and filing
    • When are the pay slips updated
    • Allocation of bank to be used for crediting employees' salaries
    • Delegated person responsible for sending the bank diskette to the bank, CPF submissions and answer employees' queries.
    • Designate formal communication channel between the company and Universal Consultants.
    • Measures to safeguard the payroll date

    Design Input Forms- In this process, both parties design input forms,which will be forwarded to Universal Consultants for payroll processing. The input form may take on many variations to accommodate different situations, for example:

    • New Employees
    • Resignations, including date resigned and any allowances or deductions to be processed
    • Promotions, including date promoted, new salary & effective date and any new allowances to be paid
    • Transfer, including new department & effective date and any new allowances to be paid
    • Allowances / Deductions to be processed
    • Overtime hours

    Complete advice and implementation of these areas in payroll processing

    • Tax Deducted at Source (Income Tax)
    • Provident Fund
    • Professional Tax
    • Final settlement of employees
    • Payroll, Leave, Statutory compliance and compensation Administration
    • ESI