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Organizations invest a lot of time & resources in recruitment activates such as resume sourcing, advertisement, short listing candidates, filtering, interviewing & reference checks among others. This process increases the overall expenditure incurred by the organization considering the time & amount spent on getting the right candidates. At the end of this there are instances where a candidate where a candidate does not match company, requirement or attire's for a better opportunity.

Employees are an organizations true strength We believe in that . At Universal we work towards getting the right people and right culture for an organization. We cater to requirements across following levels:
  • Entery level associates.
  • Junior and Middle Management.
  • Senior Management Level.

We ensure our services are precise and enhance your organizations talent pool. We aim to partner you in getting the right fit for your culture.

1.Data Base Selection.
  • Quick response time to client requirements.
  • Already shot listed CV’s save time.
  • Informed sourcing.
  • Personalized attention to client requirements.

2.Adverstied Recruitment:
  • To brand a client and make awareness.
  • Server space to handle e-mail responses.
  • Specific segments for specialized roles.
  • Match the requirements and budgets as per organization’s structure.

3.Trained Manpower:
  • We provide training to individuals in BPO sectors.
  • Our industry focused programs are delivered with high quality standards to ensure grooming

4. Our Facilities:
  • Head Hunting
  • Walk in Interviews.
  • Turn Key Recruitment. (Bulk)
  • Campus Recruitment.
  • Corporate Training.

Features :
  • Large pool of in house trainers.
  • Strategic alliance with consultants nationwide.
  • Customized training to suit project/work requisites.
  • State of the art infrastructure for in house support.
  • Dedicated quality department to gauge feedback.
  • Best industry courseware.
  • Highly competitive Annual Training Services.